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NTU Technologies, Inc. is a company involved in the marketing of coagulants, sludge de-watering polymers, copper reducing chemicals, and corrosion inhibitors for the municipal and industrial markets in the United States. This company was formed by professional plant operators and has been providing quality products and exceptional service since 1987. We provide on-site service in California, Arizona, and Nevada. 

We offer a full line of industry standard polymers, specialty coagulants, phosphate based corrosion inhibitors, and copper removal chemicals. 

The surface water treatment rule, the lead and copper rule, disinfection by-products rule and future rules concerning sludge disposal and others are forcing process design changes in treatment plants and requiring operators to be much more knowledgeable than in years past. Our objective is to work in partnership with plant personnel to solve problems and improve treatment by offering the best product for the application. Our knowledge of design processes and chemical feed and storage facilities ensures that the chemical will perform as specified and will work with your chemical feed systems. 

Quality products, reasonable prices, and the best service in the business are hallmarks of NTU Technologies, Inc.

We look forward to working with you. 

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